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Optical Services
Optical Design
At HLO UK Ltd we provide innovative solutions in lens design, illumination optics and optical system design. Using industry standard software, we can design and analyse a range of optical systems, from a simple singlet lens to a multi-configuration system comprising reflective, refractive and diffractive optics.

Lens design
Lens design capabilities offered by HLO UK Ltd are wide and varied. A sample of our design experience is listed below. If you require a custom lens design, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Viewfinder lenses
  • Projection lenses
  • Camera Optics
  • Fresnel Lenses
  • LED optics
  • Refractive/diffractive hybrids
Illumination Optics
Using industry leading software, HLO UK Ltd can offer design of illumination systems in a number of areas such as:

  • Light Pipes
  • Fresnel Lens Illuminators
  • Lenslet Arrays
  • LED collimators
  • LED Arrays
  • Luminaire design
  • Light Engine design
Optical System Design
Optical system design encompasses a vast array of disciplines, from complete luminaire systems to display based imaging systems. Here at HLO UK Ltd, we can design systems to your specification, or suggest designs to suit your individual needs. To discuss custom system design please contact us with your application requirements.

Once a design has been approved by the customer, we can quickly turn that design in to a working prototype, ready for testing and production.

Once a design has been completed and prototyped, we then test the photometry of the design using an independent laboratory in Birmingham UK. Photometric Laboratories